U.S. E-Commerce Deliver at the speed of opportunity.

Time-in-transit frustrations? Livingston’s U.S. high-volume e-commerce brokerage services and clearance technologies are designed for you. Pre-clear. Duty free.

Stop getting held up at the border.

U.S. e-commerce recently grew five years in one. Naturally, there were problems. Deliveries faltered. Reputations suffered. Now there’s a way to fix the problems and save money.

A faster path.

Section 321 is CBP’s new policy for speeding clearance of goods valued under (US) $800. Entry Type 86 (a function of Section 321) is a simplified electronic filing that enables CBP to identify compliant shipments and automate release.

A better platform.

The engine behind the speed? CBP’s ACE (Automated Commercial Environment), a fully electronic cargo manifest release and notification system being used by air carriers, freight forwarders, importers, and customs brokers to rapidly exchange data.

An unbeatable advantage.

Now you can now take advantage of ACE and Section 321. Upload thousands of files in minutes at low cost through Livingston’s brokerage clearance services and Section 321 filing systems. Scale your business with confidence. No matter how fast you grow.

Our automation saves you money three ways.

1. Saved time.

Automated border clearance with Livingston can save days of time on a shipment. Time waiting. Time clearing. Time in transfer. You can now pre-clear and move to the head of the line.

2. Saved labor.

You’ll also avoid the cost of CBP staff at expensive Express Consignment Carrier Facilities (ECCF). Entry Type 86 shipments go straight to a container freight station for transfer.

3. Saved duty.

Direct-to-consumer goods can ship duty and tax free into the United States. Stop paying duties needlessly and waiting for assessment. Transfer directly to your customers duty free.

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One straight supply line.

Whatever connections you need, we have them, in both the United States and Canada. Brokerage. Technology. Warehousing. We’ll provide the right partners and solutions to move your goods faster to your customers.

Your risks drop drastically.

Automated pre-clearance of lower-priced goods going directly to consumers sharply reduces the risk of improper classification, penalties, and future audits. Processing is as smooth as it is fast.

Your Option: Advantage Canada

Because Canadian ports aren't as congested as some U.S. ports, U.S.-bound e-commerce imports can often move faster by crossing the Canadian/U.S. border on their way to American customers. Fewer documents are required. All data is electronic.

Why work with Livingston?

All the world’s major trading regions have their own unique requirements. There’s efficiency working with Livingston, a single trusted advisor that can handle your compliance needs worldwide.

This is our game.

In North America, Livingston is the thoroughbred of compliance. Large. Muscular. Talented. Game changing. We work directly with Customs to help clients navigate the uncertain and ever-changing regulations tied to growing online shopping volumes.

Easy interface. Huge horsepower.

Our technologies process hundreds of thousands of e-filings through the CBP ACE system in minutes. As standalone SaaS, they integrate smoothly with all customer systems. No IT intervention is needed. Onboarding is automated. The power is breathtaking.

Years of excellence at the border.

Every day, Livingston teams process large-volume e-Commerce clearances via ground, air, and ocean through eManifest and Section 321/Entry Type 86. We know every wrinkle. You simply cannot be in more experienced hands.


e-Commerce is your business.
What don't you know?

Take advantage of one free consultation. Find out at no cost what a Livingston e-Commerce Trade Management Executive can do for you.

  • Full supply chain analysis
  • Technology fine-tuning
  • Vendor and partner efficiency review
  • Customs and compliance reality check
  • Shipments movement appraisal

At every stage, risk and savings can be uncovered. Add it up and even the largest companies are often amazed at what they've been overlooking.


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Our e-commerce guide shows you how leveraging Section 321 eManifest and Entry Type 86 for clearance can help you get goods into your customer's hands more quickly, while saving on duties and taxes.


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