Frequent Shippers Take control of change.

Can a customs broker improve your business? Yes, with the right people, data, and attitude. That's Livingston.


Work with pros.

It pays to work with specialists. Our core competency is trade compliance. We cover all your risks and uncover your duty-saving opportunities.

Automate accuracy.

Livingston customs entry automation is state of the art. We interface smoothly with your systems and customs agencies so everyone is on the same page.

Watch your progress.

The My Livingston customer portal is your window on shipments in process. Plus, it’s a reliable way to determine the efficiency of your trade flows.

The rules keep changing.

Border authorities have become more protective and revenue-seeking. Regulatory change is constant. Most importers and exporters are struggling to keep up. With Livingston, you'll be ahead of the curve.

Customs brokers can do more.

We think of it as Customs Brokerage 2.0. Beyond clearing your goods, we keep you ahead of change. We cover all your risks and uncover all your opportunities across the supply chain.

It takes size and resources to truly deliver.

Offering more means investing in depth and range. With Livingston, you get full-spectrum value. Customs brokerage. Consulting. Trade management. International freight. Every resource you might need.

Saving you money is built into our process.

Working with the best doesn't cost you more. In fact, you can expect higher performance at lower cost. We are experts in using data to find efficiencies, and reduce duties and taxes.

Professional focus

Compliance excellence matters.

Most customs brokers are large shipping companies that provide customs brokerage. Livingston is foremost a customs broker and compliance specialist. That makes a difference. We are geared for compliance accuracy — before, during, and after clearance.

Fewer errors means faster to market.

Accurate compliance means that you get to market faster. We do rigorous onboarding so all your classifications and documentation is pre-established. You are better prepared for rapid clearance.

The right answers. Often before you ask.

The No. 1 frustration of frequent shippers? Not getting the right answers. Our trade advisors have those answers. Their job is to anticipate your questions and see all potential roadblocks.

There’s no better ally at the border.

With 30,000+ clients, our people work in all domains. If there are sector-specific border challenges, a solution is ready before a crisis arises. You never have to worry.

Empower your people for less.

If growth means your people are dealing with excessive workloads, we can take the load off, temporarily or ongoing. Using Livingston as a pressure-release valve can be a cost-effective alternative to staffing and training.

Powerful automation that drives results.

Livingston is at the forefront of customs entry automation. Our software solutions interface non-intrusively with customer EDI systems to remove manual entry and speed clearance.

A relationship that's like risk insurance.

We've been called a big company that feels like a smaller one because of our personal service. It’s the job of Livingston trade advisors to know you, your business, and all your trade risks and opportunities, then work proactively.

Just what you need. No more, no less.

It's not size that matters but services scaled to your needs. With Livingston, you get exactly the service and resources you need. And when you need more, you’ll have the comfort of knowing you’ll have the best. No matter how much you grow.


Livingston Portal:
Dashboard visibility.

Are you worried about not having visibility into possible market turmoil? Livingston Portal, our simple, intuitive customer portal technology, gives you dashboard visibility plus industry leading performance-modelling.