We work with hundreds of small businesses. We know your members want to grow, reduce their costs, and better manage their time. When your organization partners with us, you can help your members reach farther — into new markets and past their competition.

Benefits that make a difference.
Simplification. Education. Assistance.

We cover it all. Once your organization partners with Livingston, your members have every service and solution they’ll need for successful, hassle free import and export — from customs brokerage and compliance advice to freight forwarding, apps, and education.

Partner with a leader.

We are the leading customs brokerage and trade compliance provider in North America. Our experts help your members so they can focus on what really matters — growing their business. Worry free.

Offer your members more.

The best way to attract and retain members? Offer more. With Livingston, you can. Small businesses need help with importing and exporting. Leverage our base of 40,000 clients through co-branding initiatives, speaking engagements, and roundtable discussions.

Provide tailored solutions.

Trade advice shouldn’t be a commodity. Ours isn’t. We work with your member organization to provide services and solutions tailored to your mandate and your membership — industry by industry, member by member.

Simplify, to grow confidently.

Our mission is to simplify the lives of small business owners by guiding them through the global trade maze. We help them feel more confident in their business decisions with the tools and information to simplify transactions, paperwork, and regulations.

Educate, for better decisions.

We want your members to succeed. Small business owners don’t have the time or desire to become international trade experts. We make it easy by holding their hands and calming their fears. Our brief, easily accessible webinars and extensive library of how-to resources boost confidence.

Assist through every step.

Partnership means service. We are hands-on. Your members will have a customs broker and freight forwarder that knows all the ins and outs. We’ll provide helpful suggestions and tips. They’ll feel confident that everything is covered. And it will be.

Partner with us

With 75 years of experience and a respected presence at all major ports in the United States and Canada, Livingston has the resources and the people in place to help you take your transportation or freight forwarding service offering to the next level.

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